Company History

Patsy and Helen Whelan founded Carlow Cabs in 1985, making it the first taxi company in the county. The company were the proud owners of the original No.1 and No.2 county taxi plates, before the National Authority changed the manner in which taxi plates are numbered. From humble beginnings of working from their home in Woodgrove with one Toyota Crown Car, to becoming the largest company in the county, Carlow Cabs quickly established itself as a leading force in the region. They built up a loyal following of customers throughout the years, many of whom have used the service since day one.

Carlow Cabs are proud to say they changed the law in 2004, quite literally. A family proud of their heritage, they elected to send all three of their children to an Irish speaking school. So when two of their cars failed standardizing tests due to their roof signs being in Irish, an outraged Patsy and Helen petitioned the government who were forced to overturn the law and allow taxi plates to be displayed with the Irish language.

Today the company is still run by Helen and Patsy, in addition to their sons’ Rick and Kris. The younger Whelans were influtential in launching Carlow Cabs’ very own ‘Tacsai’ app in addition to moving the company to a state of the art dispatch system, second to none in the entire country.

Carlow Cabs pride themselves on a fast, reliable and safe service which is the back bone to their success. After over 30 years serving the community, everyone at Carlow Cabs look forward to many more years of your continued support.

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